Access and Cost

It is on level 2 of Lakeview Private Hospital in Norwest Business Park. The hospital is located next to the big lake on Solent Circuit.

Yes, there is a large hospital carpark. Carpark fee’s are paid at the machine in the hospital foyer before leaving.

Yes, there are elevators and enough space available for wheelchairs and motorised carts in the rooms.

Yes, telehealth is available however in person face to face meeting is required before an operation in order to perform a physical examination and complete clinical work-up. We encourage our patients to bring a support person on the day if they desire.

Please bring:

  • GP Referral
  • Medical imaging results: x-ray, ultrasound, CT scans
  • Results of blood tests and biopsies
  • List of current medications and past medical history (if not on your GP referral)
  • Medicare card, DVA Gold or White card, details of private health care, Work-cover documentation.

The initial consultation can last from 30-60 minutes. Patients with private health funds should note that health funds do not contribute to consultation fees. All consultation fees are to be settled on the day of consultation.

  • Initial consultation fee- $100 (medicare rebate $72.75). No charge for DVA Gold card patients. iCare patients are required to pay upfront and claim the fee back from iCare.
  • Follow-up consultation after surgery – complimentary.
  • Subsequent consultation may attract fees

Circle of Care package includes unlimited post-operative doctors appointments to monitor your progress, 5 appointments with the dietician, 2 with the psychologist, all are in-house at Lakeview Private Hospital. Please refer to for more information.

Weight loss surgery is performed through the in-house Circle of Care program located at Lakeview Private Hospital. The program has been tailored to support weight loss surgery patients before, during and after surgery. The cost of the program is all-inclusive covering the surgeon, assistant surgeon and anaesthetist fee’s and also the following care during the initial 12 months after surgery:
  • unlimited patient liaison support
  • 5 dietician sessions
  • 2 health coaching sessions with our psychologist
  • 1 session with our physiotherapist to develop an exercise program
  • unlimited doctors review appointments to monitor your progress

Program Costs with Health Fund

Circle of Care program cost $5,500
Medicare rebate for Circle of Care program $200 approximately
Health fund contribution In hospital surgical costs are invoiced directly to your health fund.

Program Costs without Health Fund

Circle of Care program cost $7,500
Hospital costs (dependant upon hospital location) approximately $13,300 to $16,905 (additional fees may apply for any extra nights or consumables used)
Medicare rebate for Circle of Care program $1,200 approximately
Please note
  • $250 non-refundable deposit is paid at the time of booking your surgery date. This is in addition to the program cost.
  • Circle of Care program payment is required 14 days prior to surgery date.

Informed financial consent will be obtained from all patients prior to their procedure. All fee’s are explained and quoted at the initial consultation. Dr Boccola, the anaesthetist and surgical assistant’s fees are paid in full prior to the day of surgery.

An item code for each part of the operation will be provided and privately insured patients should check with their health fund what they will cover. In general most health funds will cover the cost of the hospital admission (an excess may apply). The health fund will generally cover part of the surgeon’s fee. A ‘known gap’ means that your health fund has previously set out an agreed extra payment for that particular procedure item code. DVA patients are not subject to out of pocket fees.

Other fees a patient may pay for an operation include-

  • Hospital admission fee (paid to the hospital, not Dr Boccola)
  • Pathology fee – paid to a specialist to have your tissue biopsy examined
  • Discharge medications – paid to the pharmacy
The relevant codes are checked with your health fund at the first appointment.

    Sleeve gastrectomy- 31575
    Gastric bypass- 31572
    Gastric band removal- 31584
    Laparoscopic cholecystectomy and cholangiogram- 30445 & 30439
    Hiatus Hernia Repair- 31468
    Gastroscopy- 30473

iCare patients require approval for all procedures by the relevant body prior to surgery. There is generally no ‘out-of pocket’ expense to the patient following approval.

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